Elevator Startups – the WHO, WHY and HOW?

August 21st, 2017

Some of you may have questions like where that new Elevator Startups came from and why three creative agencies start to hassle with new ideas on the creative scene. Please let us explain.

We gathered three creative agencies Divison, Age McCann and ADM Interactive with about 150 visionary people under one roof of Tallinn Creative Hub in 2015. Now, under the code name Creative Fuel that collects a broad range of marketing and communications strategies, advertising, graphic design, service and product design, mobile applications, e-commerce, programming, etc. skills.

Elevator Startups was launched actually the same time, now almost three years ago as an in-house acceleration for our own projects. Thinking outside the box is and will be our everyday business, but Elevator gave us a chance to boost our people’s imaginativeness even further.

We accelerated four new ideas during this Elevator 1.0 period and these projects turned into start-ups that have raised altogether over 1,4M €, the success rate is 100% and we did our first exit this spring.

But now it is time to take the Elevator Startups program to the next level we are doing it bigger, faster and stronger! And we have room for 12 crazy new ideas/start-up companies a year to take them to the next phase or to elevate them to new heights, if you will.

The participation in our six months program is equity free and the package is pretty great we give our participants everything that we think early staged ideas and teams need for growing: know-how, clients, network, credit and a hub. Yes, we are very flexible regarding help and jumping in as pre-seed investors during and after the program, but we have some terms set in stone the incubatees that get into the program have to have that endless hunger to grow and succeed.

We, the owners and leaders of Elevator Startups are down-to-earth entrepreneurs. We are doing this to innovate and find the new services and products related to the sector we are (and have been for 25 years) successful in.

It is a rather ambitious plan that we have, but we are determined and our core team is a bunch of kick ass and goal oriented people eager to deliver. Behind Elevator Startups are the guys that Estonian creative market was created by and basically stands on, legends Rain Pikand and Urmas Lilleorg. Our third frontman, Jaak Ennuste has found over five successful companies in the last 25 years that has allowed him to do angel investments for almost a decade. His motto is “I’m investing my own time, money and network to teams I really believe are going to succeed on global scale.” And he decided to do this as a CEO of Elevator Startups! The newest member of our team is Marili Luuken, who has helped start-ups to grow while working in a Tallinn Science Park and Startup Incubator and Prototron fund.

We are not only opening doors to new projects but also to new partners, coaches and mentors from outside our office and even Estonian borders. It is essential to bring in the the know-how we don’t have in Estonia, mix the knowledge of established companies and techniques of edge cutting start-ups. That’s how we are building the springboard to launch the best start-ups to the global markets.

Let’s wrap it up: if you want to get access to our (market) knowledge, clients, networks, cash and office in Tallinn Creative Hub, submit your application before November 5th.

The team of Elevator Startups