Taddy from Elevator Startups partnered with ADM Interactive and raised seed investment

February 14th, 2019

Elevator Startups founder and partner company ADM Interactive has invested to an out of home adtech start-up TADDY. The investment is used towards developing improved version of the platform, and for stepping foot into bigger international markets.

Currently up to 50% of the media planners’ time is spent communicating with the outdoor media vendors, in the effort of trying to simultaneously book different billboards or banners. Instead, the time could be used for something more important, like creating meaningful content for the billboard.

TADDY is a marketplace for buying and selling outdoor ads. Technology helps automate renting apartments, ordering taxis or even doing digital advertising, so why not do the same with outdoor media? That’s what TADDY is created for, to compare and buy billboards, that are a perfect fit for each individual business.

Tanel Kobrusepp, co-founder of TADDY chuckled and said: ‘’I have unconditional confidence in every single team member, who is a professional in their own field. Olev has a background in OOH media, Markus comes from a very successful tech startup where he has been since the beginning, Ander is an experienced entrepreneur and i’ve done B2B and B2C sales since high school”

Olev Tehver, co-founder and CEO added: ‘’Every dollar spent on out of home media brings back almost 6 dollars, so it is safe to say that the medium is not obsolete.  We will make OOH market more transparent and be the go-to marketplace for outdoor ads. With the help of seasoned market experts, we will reach our goals even faster.’’

The CEO of Elevator Startups and partner of ADM Interactive Jaak Ennuste says that Taddy is exactly the team that the founders of Elevator Startups hoped to find with the startup program and innovate the media sector together.

Elevator Startups is a start-up incubator, which is founded by entrepreneurs from the Estonian media and digital marketing sector.
More than 20 start-ups go through the accelerator program during a 2 year period, which EAS backs with €300,000. Founding partners add even bigger amounts to further develop the start-ups. Taddy joined the batch in december 2018.