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SpeakerGuru is a multiuser VR platform than is a low-cost and efficient tool for corporate soft skills trainings.

WEB PAGE: http://speakerguru.pro

CONTACT: vb@speakerguru.pro

CURRENT STATUS: MVP launched, 6 pilots launched


When training soft skills, corporations face a tough dilemma. On one hand, it is prohibitively expensive for a global corporation, with offices spread across vast territories, to bring all employees in one place for teaching and training in a traditional, off-line mode.

On the other hand, cost-efficient e-learning fails to provide appropriate “feeling of presence” absolutely essential for soft skills.


SpeakerGuru is convenient, inexpensive, yet efficient compromise. Our multiplayer VR platform supports a variety of scenarios — speech in front of a virtual audience, one-to-one, negotiations between several people. Virtual audience is populated with avatars with real persons, not bots, behind. Audience may express their emotions and voice their comments, as if in a traditional audience – but at a much lower cost.

Our platform allows corporate HR to launch soft skills trainings using their own teaching instruments and courses, as if people were sitting together in the same room. Built-in analytics and feedback options allows seamless assessment of the trainees’ progress.


We estimate our market as 5% of total soft skills training corporate market, which gives €890Mln

Go-to-market strategy:
Pilot projects with big corporations in EU, Russia Direct sales to corporations


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