Say bye to team communication problems – helps you to be the best Project Manager in town!

July 7th, 2020

One of the teams on Elevator Startups batch 2020,, is creating a project management platform that helps to bring the team communications to the next level.

All the existing everyday work platforms are great at what they offer. So there is no need in trying to change that. But the project management tools lack support in kicking off the project to get the team communications off to a great start. Statistics say that 30% of projects fail because of poor communication.

The platform soothes the basic need for information. It brings in all the data from different sites like Google Drive, Jira or Trello, creates an overview dashboard for a project manager to track the course of the work. But the bigger problem for PM’s is the communication in the team. It is common to get right to work on the solution and think about teamwork agreements only after the errors or conflicts have already happened. 

The agreements made in the team are the baseline for a successful project and team communications. And since the information from all the platforms is already there, the PM gets to be on top of the project with a lot less effort. While many project management platforms expect all team members to join the site, these often lack market-specific functionalities. At the team members can keep using the same platforms that are the best for them and what people are familiar with.

“Project managers already have a thousand things in their mind, so helping them to get the project’s overview from their head to one dashboard saves a lot of time,” said the CEO, Riin Lisett Rei. “During the Elevator Startup program, we held many customer meetings. From that, we learned that the project managers see communications in the team as the biggest bottleneck. So we made this our top priority to solve. For example, the team can set rules at the beginning of the project from a template – deadline, recurring meeting time, what to do when you get behind the schedule and whatever the team feels is important. “

“We also focus on logical user experience and this is why we put so much effort into really getting to know our customers from as many different markets as possible,” said Ragnar Kullamäe who is responsible for product design. “We mapped out from interviews the challenges Project Managers face every day and now we are putting the gathered information to practice.” 

The project manager can also invite external partners to their dashboard and agree on co-working rules. One of the benefits of integrating the platforms is that if you are using Google Drive and your partner Dropbox, then you don’t need to learn the other platform because you can easily access fails from both partners from one place –

Janar Salumaa, the CTO said that they are currently looking for companies that would be interested in testing the platform for their everyday work. “We need project managers who would be willing to give the platform a try and give feedback. So far we have developed the product a lot with the information gathered from the client meetings.” The test customers can start using the platform in July. is looking for 10 project managers to be the exclusive test-users who’s input shapes the platform. If you feel the team communications is something you want to improve in your team, sign up on their website or write directly to