Hop In! Elevators Looking to Elevate Young Entrepreneurs to New Heights

November 2nd, 2017

The year was 2014, and I was working at an ad agency. I was incredibly frustrated by the inefficiencies that I encountered everywhere while trying to help my clients (mostly small to medium-sized business owners) achieve their digital marketing goals online. It seemed to be a vicious cycle: the only way to get any sort of traction was to spend a ridiculous amount of time or a ridiculous amount of money. “There has to be a better way!” I thought to myself.

And this is more or less how the idea for Frank.ai, an artificial intelligence platform which makes online advertising easy and accessible for all, was born. But as any entrepreneur can attest to, having an idea is one thing, getting it off the ground is another story.

Enter Elevator Startups. In no way am I being overdramatic, bombastic, facetious etc. when I say that Frank literally would not have made it out of the parking lot, let alone this far, if it hadn’t been for Elevator.

_Elevator made the initial investment into my idea for Frank.ai.

_Elevator helped us build the initial prototype.

_Elevator helped us find our first clients through their affiliation with Estonia’s top ad agencies and their clients

_Elevator assisted us when we applied to the Telluride Venture Accelerator program, which we completed in June of this year.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Flash forward to present day; Frank is still going strong.

We’ve now got offices in Tallinn, Boston, and ready to open one in Australia. We’re just about to wrap up raising our second round of funding on Funderbeam.

But this blog post isn’t about me. Actually, it’s about you. Any of you out there who might have a great idea, or are thinking about the possibility of having a great idea but have no idea what to do next? I am just one of the many examples of how far you can get with an idea and a program like Elevator.

So why are you still reading this? Learn more about Elevator, or just go ahead and submit your application. Just don’t forget us, little people, when you make it to the top!

Harry Kanistik, co-founder of Frank.AI