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September 22nd, 2017

Almost two years ago, more than 130 people from many creative and digital marketing agencies opened their hub in Kultuurikatel. Division, Age McCann, ADM and NEXD  decided to move in together to create a conducive environment for innovation and collaboration – launched an in-house start-up incubator and collaborated on international projects, and of course had joint events and parties… An impressive number of successful projects have renewed the marketing and communication landscape both in Estonia and on a global scale. Here are some:

Mobile Ad Platform, Adcanvas

Adcanvas is the longest-running project in Creative Fuel’s start-ups’ category. It is an edge cutting technology and self-service platform that allows you to create the world’s most interactive (read: more efficient) mobile ad’s – smart devices are shaking the world of advertising. This is undoubtedly the fastest-growing field in the media landscape. The Adcanvas team says that the future of mobile ads is currently being built in Tallinn Creative Hub. Advertisements are made in Tallinn for well-known brands from around the world. All customers, whether in the USA or China do agree – it’s the best-selling mobile ad technology. Since the beginning of 2017, the team took on large advertising markets (USA, UK, Germany). Alex Rahaman from London is now on the CEO position of the company. He has an extensive experience in launching and managing international advertising technology companies. Alex leads the company from London since April of this year. Adcanvas’s team is growing to different countries – and everybody is working for the big breakthrough.

Digital advertising platform was launched in Creative Fuel to help small businesses to market themselves on the web. Many smaller companies see their growth potential in online store sales but a few have the knowledge of how to bring customers to their page. is an automated digital marketing specialist whose role is to grow a client’s business on. Frank’s brain is connected to major advertising platforms in the world such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc., and it automates customer decision-making process and promotional buying. Using does not require previous digital marketing experience and it only takes 5 minutes to start a campaign! The team of is currently divided between the US and Tallinn offices. The startup accelerator program in the USA has just been completed and is currently focusing on building a sales organization in the US.

Video As A Service – VAAS

For marketing people, it’s definitely not a newsflash that video is today one of the most universal and most efficient formats for sending messages. VAAS, or Video As A Service, is a new agency whose services focus on video production and distribution of video content. Thanks to smart planning we can effectively produce relevant video content for the client’s target audience and distribute it to the channels where the message reaches the target group most effectively.

New projects – new projects

In August, our newest project MIXD has started working in the Creative Fuel to shape the media landscape. The founder and manager of the project is Meelis Eesoja, who previously worked for Inspired UM and the last 7 years as a digital media and development manager in Media houses. Meelis says: “The media landscape has changed rapidly. In media management, processes and technologies are far from effective. Advertising is no longer an ad in a classic sense: the ever-increasing use of data and technology, the growing role of good content and social media marketing, and the rapid rise of mobile content as a medium are just a few examples. MIXD was launched with the idea of constructing a media service that is dynamic and constantly evolving – involving the client and creative minds in the media process and, above all, the consumer, not the media supply central”.


The founding members of Creative Fuel – Division, Age McCann and ADM Interactive – are committed to contributing to the further development! Investments in the development of technology are made in addition to improving the services and new skills to evolve with the rapidly changing media landscape.

Everyone can turn their idea into reality with a bit of Creative Fuel

We have opened our doors to new crazy and groundbreaking ideas and projects! We are waiting for applications until the 5th November 2017. 12 best ideas / start-ups will get access to the Elevation program and change to work with Creative Fuel community!

Patrik Kupenko

The Division